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A series of murders have occurred and while there is no concrete evidence of who the perpetrator is; all eyes are on the House of Koenig. 
Eric, the child of the Head of Koenig, has been tasked to go undercover as a student to Alexandria College of Arcanists, the school where it all began. 
Danger and prejudice lurk in the shadows of the school, will Eric survive and solve the case or will he lose his way? 

Follow Eric as he attempts to balance his studies, investigation and, perhaps, find love.

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Demo Features:

Estimate of 10k Words
Stat Raising
3 Potential Love Interests
Uncaught Murderer Roaming

Art, Programming and Writing: Cervine Prince
Music by: Kevin MacLeod, Sascha Ende, and Alexander Nakarada

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AscensionDemo-1.0-mac.zip 148 MB
AscensionDemo-1.0-pc.zip 164 MB

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So many CGs, well done. Interesting story, I want to find out more =D Love the GUI and the way the stats screen looks. Each character is different which makes it easy for me to pick favourites and have characters to hate (-cough- Alfrid -cough-). Seriously, well done on the demo!
Annoyed that the demo ends on a cliffhanger though. Boo. (lol)


I'm so surprised at the large cast of characters and the amount of CGs! It's clear to see you put a lot of work into this and you did a very good job! You set the tone from the very beginning: a mysterious and strange murder. I like it very much! And the character designs, uniforms, world-building, backgrounds! I love them all! It really makes me feel I'm in a different, mystical place. 

In the future, I think a more noticeable and bigger button for the stats would be useful. It's a bit hard to see from the quick menu, and I always find myself checking my stats often when I choose an activity to participate in. 

All in all, I enjoyed the demo and I look forward to the final product! Can't wait to see what happens in the story and how it unfolds!