A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

The story takes place when Doll wakes up alone and lost in a forest. A dismembered voice advices Doll that he must escape the forest or be forever lost to the dangers that lurk within the darkness. Doll soon discover that not all is what it seems in the forest.


  • 5 Endings ( Some are Dead Ends)
  • Estimate of 10 - 15 minute play time
  • Some choices with consequences

I made this game as a challenge to myself, but also for the longest time I wanted to make a short visual novel! I had a lot of fun and seeing this project grow and the pride I felt seeing it all come together.

Story, Art and Programming by Cervineprince

Music by Ross Budgen


Doll-1.0-mac.zip 34 MB
Doll-1.0-pc.zip 50 MB


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Quite an interesting wee Vn indeed. I play too much horror, I kept waiting for a jumpscare :P 

oh man, I originally wanted incorporate one jumpscare! but I wasn't sure how to go about it in the program.

Don't worry about it, it was a nice change of pace :)